Cultivate Wellness in Your Life

In one-on-one private sessions, Chiara can address a wide-range of presenting issues with her unique palette of skills.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

A workout that improves your strength and stamina, mood and musculature, while aging vibrantly

Ongoing Yoga Classes

Whether socially-distanced in a studio or via livestream, Chiara brings a unique focus to the core – the deepest musculature of the body’s center – and the breath.

Somat Sessions & Workshops

Experience deep relaxation, spinal alignment and nervous system support with this simple and powerful self-care tool

Ongoing Yoga Classes

Chiara offers livestream and in-person yoga classes that are instructional, insightful, humor-ful and appropriate for beginning students, intermediate yoginis or life-long practitioners.


Chiara’s periodic workshops span a range of topics designed to expand your yoga practice and overall well-being, including Somat, anatomy, nonviolent communication, and more.

Wellness Sessions

In one-on-one personalized sessions, Chiara nimbly guides healing & restoration with cutting edge modalities or tried and true techniques. Her private studio is safe & comfortable.

From Chiara’s Blog


Finding a yoga class is easy; Finding inspiration is hard. Chiara’s personable and honest approach to yoga makes me feel welcome and warm each time I come to her class. The work is yours, but Chiara is always there to guide and share her wisdom.



Any time I take a yoga class with Chiara I am inspired by her knowledge teaching this ancient science to connect body mind and soul, but most of all I love Chiara’s sense of humor during in class to help us loosen up and stay focused at the same time.



Chiara teaches Yoga poses with joy and precision but she is always mindful to remind her students of the larger spiritual dimension of the practice.



“To me, the body is the spirit in flesh.  I know what it’s like to not feel at home in my body, how this sense of separation can affect my perspective on moment-to-moment experience. I find it helpful to practice and teach in a way that trains up my quality of attention. This practice helps me recognize and befriend the places that feel disconnected, and remember and trust the wholeness that is in myself and in everyone else.”


Ongoing Classes

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