Yoga Teacher Training

A Full Spectrum of Yoga Instruction for Teachers and Advanced Practitioners

Since 2001, Chiara has shared her expertise in yoga, anatomy, physiology, and communication through yoga teacher training and other advanced teachings. Passionate about the material and the instruction, Chiara is available to teach in the Seattle area, around the U.S. or worldwide.

Listed below are examples of the material Chiara teaches; a more comprehensive list is available upon request. Each module can be adjusted for duration, program approach, and student level. While most modules have been developed for yoga teacher training, all can be modified for use with practitioners at all levels.

Sample Teaching Modules

Chiara is available to instruct in a one-time or ongoing capacity; in classroom, workshop, private or virtual settings. Choose from a wide array of advanced topics, ranging from yoga philosophies to physiology specifics to masterful teaching techniques.

Musculo-Skeletal Anatomy and Kinesiology

This course presents the human musculo-skeletal system including skeletal structure, main muscle groups, joints, tendons, and ligaments, and covers both the study of the subject and the application of its principles to yoga practice (benefits, contraindications, healthy movement patterns, etc.)

The Physiology of Yoga

Covers circulation of blood and lymph, respiration (pulmonary and cellular), nervous system (function and sympathetic vs. para-sympathetic response), understanding and using nerve reflexes, location and identification of major organs. Energy systems (nadis, chakras); Use of pranayama to move energy through the nadis.

The Art of Communication

Replace the disstressing habits of mind and language with new habits that engender compassion, understanding and healing. This workshop includes a balance of playful exploration, thoughtful inquiry and exercises for skill development including role playing. Objectives include clarifying and separate thoughts from emotions, identifying how needs drive motions and making empowering requests distinct from demands and expectations.


The Art of Seeing

In this workshop, we bring awareness to the unconscious filters that can cloud our capacity to see ourselves and our students more clearly. Participants engage in awareness and eye exercises, followed by small group work in observing and being observed. Often, we learn about our own patterns and habits around seeing–and not seeing.

Fit and 50+

Participants will explore common physical changes associated with aging and learn techniques and modifications for working with the realities of aging bodies.

Bandhas & Their Role

We will cover the anatomy that forms the three bandhas, and how they function with our breath. Partiicpants will experience the bandhas in stillness and in movement. Depending on the nature of the workshop, the focus can be on Asana or Pranayama.

Chakras Energy Centers

Explore the management and sustainability of our energy by focusing on the relationship between energetic focus points and their physiological corresponding organ, gland or musculature. Through lecture and guided movement, participants begin discovering new connections and deeper embodiment. 

Would You Like to Learn More About Yoga and Anatomy?

Chiara is available to teach in the Seattle area, around the U.S. or worldwide.

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