Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

A surprisingly short & infrequent workout that bolsters stamina, boosts recovery and helps us age vibrantly

Just Like Our Brains

Our brains send electrical impulses to our muscles to turn them on and off. The technique of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) does this, too. The electrodes on the EMS suit send specifically targeted impulses to the muscles, effecting the lymphatic, metabolic, myo-facial and other body systems.


Simple Routines, Powerful Results

In 20-minute workouts, Chiara leads you through specific movements and exercises designed to meet your needs. The EMS suit accesses difficult to reach muscles and maintains a high level of muscle stimulation–without you experiencing overexertion.


Healing, Recovery & Aging, Enhanced

EMS has been used in Europe as a high-tech cutting edge tool for enhanced workouts and supportive therapeutics. In the capacity of a health coach, Chiara focuses on injury recovery, overcoming movement limitations and the development of stamina.

Chiara trained locally with Michka Mirzanejad, Seattle’s first EMS provider. She now offers EMS sessions in her private studio.

I have had a lot of experience with various strength training regimens over the course of my adult life. Turning 60 inspired me to consider investigating new training options that would help me build my strength especially in my core.

I have found EMS training to be a very powerful and unique way to achieve noticeable positive results in my overall core strength, working in conjunction with a variety of complementary practices to improve my flexibility and my posture as I continue to age.


I initially started working with EMS training to strengthen my core and the muscles around my hip in preparation for hip replacement surgery. It definitely worked and certainly positively aided in my post-operation recovery. Retaining my strength and functional movement capabilities as I age is a priority for me, and EMS has been and continues to be very effective.


Learn More About EMS

With Electrical Muscle Stimulation, More of your Muscles Will Work, More Deeply, All Through your Workout in the Seattle Times

Apparently, Zapping Your Muscles with Electricity Can Make Them Stronger on Medium

This video from Australia gives a good overview of how EMS works & who it works well for

What EMS Can Do For You

  • Increase strength and stamina
  • Define waistline and muscle tone
  • Boost recovery from injury or exertion
  • Improve mood
  • Cultivate relaxation
  • Manage metabolism


Meet with Chiara to experience the wonder of EMS.

You’ll discuss goals (large & small), get warmed up, get suited up, do a routine to match your goals, cool off and reflect.



  • Sessions last 60 minutes including suiting up and suiting down
  • Best results come from 2 sessions/week. No more than 2 sessions/week allowed to allow for maximum recovery.
  • Benefits are generally evident after 4 sessions; after 8 sessions, lasting change can be experienced
  • Sessions are held in Chiara’s private studio



Introductory session 70 minutes $120

Ongoing training session 60 minutes $100 

8 session package $720 (to be used within two months)

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