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For People Who Work Together, Whether Together or Apart

Working at Home; Practicing Yoga Together


Chiara has been teaching yoga since 1994 and now offers a wide variety of Workplace Yoga options.  Her yoga classes have always accommodated groups who work onsite in office spaces.  Now Chiara teaches virtually because so many people are working at home. Chiara combines yoga’s well-known benefits with the boost of shared group experience.  Yoga classes, even virtually, make for a powerful and potent physical, emotional and mental elixir.
Teams, workgroups and cohorts may need the benefits of group yoga now more than ever, given the isolation and imperfect ergonomics of home work spaces.  Because of the pandemic, few of us have access to corporate self-care options like onsite yoga classes.  Chiara’s workplace yoga options are the perfect solution.

Workplace Yoga Options For Every Setting

Half-day yoga and communication retreats. Ongoing lunch-time yoga classes. Seasonal special offerings.
The options for Chiara’s virtual Workplace yoga are as diverse as the organizations, associations and companies she serves.

Virtual Workplace Yoga Packages

Chiara creates customized classes for your business, organization or group that cultivate strength, stability and a dash of serenity for folks working at home. Regardless of what your home workspace looks like, Chiara’s online yoga classes are a great solution for work day self-care and focus-honing. 

Wellness Reboot

Reboot the wellness of your team, group or department by committing to a set of yoga classes two or three times a week. Some groups prefer three half-hour classes per week, while others like end of the day “happy hour yoga”. Chiara collaborates to create a monthly plan that builds on your groups strengths and initiates a new level of vigor and resilience.

Specialized Yoga Classes

Chiara’s specialized yoga courses are highly customized based what bodies need the most. Chiara will collaborate with managers, team leads or entire groups to propose offerings such as mini-courses (to release shoulder and neck tension), weekly classes (to free the pelvis from too much sitting) or a one-time workshop (to strengthen the core).


Company-Wide Drop-In Virtual Classes

Chiara expertly teaches a broad spectrum of individuals ranging from people in their twenties to folks nearing retirement…all in one class, all getting what they need. Offered virtually (or onsite with strict virus precautions), Chiara’s ongoing yoga classes provide safe, challenging instruction that encourages long term mobility, stability and strength in body and mind.

The Yoga of Nonviolent Communication

A key element of yoga is interconnection. Learning non-violent communication skills alongside yoga can transform our capacity to relate to ourselves and others. Widening skills in this way can help us navigate conflict. NVC workshops are especially effective in potentiating and existing diversity and inclusion practices.


Contact Chiara about virtual or onsite engagements.

Virtual Workplace Yoga: The Solution to This Moment

Experience Connection Even At a Distance

The pandemic has changed the way many organizations and companies do their work. Water cooler conversations and lunchtime workouts may return, but in the meantime, regular virtual yoga classes can provide a sense of togetherness even with everyone working remotely. The combination of physical activity, customized content and a joint space for laughter and sharing make workplace yoga a potent workaround for the isolation of working at home.

Feel Better in Your Body

Long hours in front of the computer, deadlines to meet on a daily basis, lack of relaxation time and an uncertain world can take a toll on the mind and the body. May of us experience back pain, neck problems, headaches and general tension are common as we work at home. Yoga offers elegant remedy: regular practice can improve flexibility, build strength, improve posture and reduce muscular tension. Yoga also improves immunity, aids in the removal of toxic waste from the system and reduces fatigue. Ahhhh.

Manage Stress

Are all yoga practitioners calm and blissed out? Not at all…but it’s true that the breathing and relaxation techniques integral to yoga have a long track record of reducing stress. Practicing together as a team or workgroup further reduces stress by providing an outlet for fun, physicality and shared experience.

Build Trust & Deep Relationships

Team retreats, company picnics and lunches together in the break room contribute to connection between peope who work together. Except for right now, when the pandemic provides an opportunity for creativity. A half-day yoga workshop, monthly mini-session or weekly classes can fill the void and create a space for folks to gather, relax and practice together. 

Boost Efficiency & Productivity

In addition to enabling a body to sit longer, regular yoga practice improves focus, concentration and the ability to stay calm in stressful situations. Other benefits that influence productivity include stronger teams, reduced fatigue and gratitude for the workplace that provides such a meaningful benefit to its workers. 

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