Personalized Wellness Sessions

Come Home to Your Body

What would it be like

to feel at ease in your body?

Through breath exploration, simple movements, and gentle touch, Chiara helps you explore the relationship between alignment and attitude, skeletal structure and nervous system, body and mind.

What would it be like

to cultivate resilience?

Chiara develops personalized sequences for you to practice on your own, giving you the tools to cultivate your own resilience. Your feedback provides her the foundation for refinements and adjustments, as you explore and find ease in your body.

You’ll leave each session calmer in your mind, more fluid in your body, and able to meet the demands of your life, whatever they may be.

Chiara reaches into a well-stocked pantry of ingredients to create sessions as unique as you.


Nuero-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Yoga. Nonviolent Communication. Hypnosis. Somat. Meditation. Trauma-Informed Practices. Anatomy & Physiology. Chiara blends her skills and training with insight, intuition and flavor garnered from three decades experience offering one-on-one in body work sessions.



30-minutes: $100
60-minutes: $200

Package of three (3) 60-minute sessions to be used within 2 months: $500

Sessions can be held in Chiara’s private studio or remotely over Zoom. Virtual sessions are recorded for your later use.

While immediate symptom relief is normally experienced every session, lasting benefits are generally experienced after 3-4 sessions (thus the package discount).

Zelle, Venmo, and checks are all suitable forms of payment.


Chiara models being balanced and patient emotionally, physically, and mentally throughout our sessions. I am so impressed by this! Because she is sensitive, she forms a deep connection with me and mirrors that connection between me and my body.

Private Client

My pelvic floor is adjusting to the new breathing and opening technique Chiara taught me. Through many years of research, doctors and physical therapy, I’ve sought methods to release and relax my bowel, only to be disappointed. As long as Chiara and I are both alive, I will never stop thanking her for this marvelous achievement in such a short time!

Private Client

When I’m in Chiara’s room, whether on the table or a mat on the floor, I feel present in the moment and more centered. If arrive frazzled, I leave relaxed, with my mind is back to thinking clearly. I consciously use the her breath-work techniques while doing other physical activities and in my life to sustain this state of ease.

Private Client

The greatest impact to my wellness has been taking classes from Chiara, especially on the Somat. The Somat class has helped me listen to my body and find a way to communicate openness and new patterns in muscles and joints.


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Appointments are held in a private studio in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge neighborhood or online.

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