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I began studying Yoga in 1983 as a way to rehabilitate and strengthen myself after a car accident. What I learned then was how to breathe, how to use the breath to connect with my body, how to track physical sensations from moment to moment, and how to find an internal wisdom to guide my movement and choices toward well-being.

When I teach, I aim to bring students’ attention to a place of presence and wonder. This is particularly helpful when students are working with injury or physical pain. My classes and workshops focus on wellness through discovery, guided by the extensive study I’ve done into the body’s inner workings. I focus on keeping instruction lively, accessible, encouraging and compassionate, with a dedication to work deeply and specifically, as well as with humor and irreverence. I am an LMP, and E-RYT200, RYT500, and YACEP certified.

Not only have I studied a wide-range of bodymind disciplines–Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programing, Massage, Meditation, NonViolent Communication–but I’ve worked to master the material deeply enough to teach in each of these areas. Teaching itself is one of my greatest joys. A long-time mover and shaker, my passion for movement forms has enriched my entire life with dance, yoga and daily walks in nature. Several teachers have cast a huge and loving influence over my growth as a teacher, practitioner and human being. I began under the guidance of Bob SmithAna Forrest introduced me a really radical approach to yoga, and to my first teacher training certification. Shari Friedrickson and Donna Fahri brought me into a softer, feminine inquiry. Currently, Rod Stryker challenges and guides my development as a student and a teacher.

I love gardening, foreign travel, everything that smells good, warm-oil foot massages, flowers on my table and foods that both taste good and feel good in my body.

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The classes that Chiara teaches focus on the core, the deepest musculature of the body’s center. A stabilized core can deepen the support provided to the outer layers and limbs. By developing their core, students will connect to a deeper place within themselves and find support within themselves.

Chiara’s core classes are readily accessible to anyone with a basic background in yoga. Students do not need to be strong to take Chiara’s core classes. Rather, the purpose of working on the core is to become strong.

Chiara has a strong interest in pain evaluation and treatment and welcomes students who are experiencing physical pain caused by injury or other condition. Chiara uses a variety of techniques to evaluate the source of the pain and custom adapts a program for treatment that may incorporate:

Body Movement

Assessing and redesigning posture and body movement patterns to optimize what is comfortable within the student’s range of motion

Breathing Techniques

Adjusting breathing techniques to help the student become more aware of their connection to breathing. The goal is to identify where there may be breathing restrictions and to help the student understand how to adjust their breathing patterns to alleviate pain, discomfort, insomnia, stress, etc.

Hands-on Techniques

Including Swedish massage, deep tissue, cranio-sacral, and injury evaluation and treatment

Finding a yoga class is easy; Finding inspiration is hard. Chiara’s personable and honest approach to yoga makes me feel welcome and warm each time I come to her class. The work is yours, but Chiara is always there to guide and share her wisdom.


Any time I take a yoga class with Chiara I am inspired by her knowledge teaching this ancient science to connect body mind and soul, but most of all I love Chiara’s sense of humor during class to help us loosen up and stay focused at the same time.


Chiara teaches Yoga poses with joy and precision but she is always mindful to remind her students of the larger spiritual dimension of the practice.


What I love about Chiara’s teaching is her sense of humor and the way she uses her knowledge of anatomy and communication to paint a visual of what the muscles are doing.


Don't be shy. Let me help you.

In addition to my public classes and teacher training, I am available for private consultation in the modality of your choice:

Yoga | Health & Wellness | Somat | Electric Muscle Stimulation | Anatomy & Physiology | Non-Violent Communication

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