I am so excited about EMS, let me tell you about it! My first session went like this: my instructor had me put on a jumpsuit that made me look like a superhero. Super cool already.

The suit has electrodes running through it that align to the major muscles of my body. The electrodes are controlled through an iPad and as the instructor upped the impulses to specific muscle group, I could feel it come to life in an exciting new way. Some muscle groups were like Sleeping Beauty being awakened by an electric current.

Here is what is super interesting: different frequencies can be sent to stimulate the mitochondria – the powerhouses of your cells – to produce the desired outcome. They can awaken and strengthen muscles, relax overworked muscles, increase endurance and even boost metabolism. Right away I could tell something cool was happening in my body. The impulses were tailored for my particular tolerance, so I did not find them overwhelming. But my muscles sure did respond to them! I felt like all of a sudden I had the capacity to connect my mind to my muscles in an unprecedented way.

Before I knew it, we were done. Twenty minutes is all the time I spent working out, and it went by in a flash, but I tell you what, my body thought I must have gone on a 10-mile hike – I felt invigorated and accomplished (but not too sore). I was blown away. And I loved that the instructor did all the thinking for me.

A few weeks later after two sessions a week, my waist was whittled, my gluts were answering the call of duty when asked, I was sleeping better and my stamina and sense of well-being were up to a new normal.

Join me and we can bring your muscles back to life and escort you into a new enhanced normal!

I will do the driving as you enjoy feeling more alive.

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