With so many exciting events right in my face–a Somat Teacher Training module here in the U.S. and a stack of adventures coming up in India–what I’m really thinking about right now is La Dolce Vita Tuscany retreat I’m offering with Jen Mitchell next fall.

It’s not so easy to stay focused on the present with so many coming attractions dangling before me. So here’s a technique I use to restore my focus in the present: I press deeper into my thoughts of Lucca and wine tasting and Italian Spas by digging into my photo archive. I’ve found that by leaning into where my head wants to go, I can satisfy whatever wants to be addressed–then return more enlightened to be fully present in the present.

So come along! Let’s start in Lucca. I LOVE Lucca, and I love my brother, Luca. In fact, here they both are.

My bro' Luca (with our mama)
Lucca Italy
Lucca, Italy

Red-roofed and stone-sided, this amazing town is like stepping into the Renaissance–all cobblestone and clocktowers.

Villa Grabau

Even better is biking through it, which we’ll be doing on the 2016 retreat. We’ll also be visiting some of my favorite spots in the countryside. Recognize those famous Italian Cypress trees?

Tuscan Tree Posers
Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 2.21.37 PM

Such beautiful landscape!

I’m a good Italian, so I of course appreciate good wine and good wine tastings. We’ll be visiting a private vineyard near our villa. Here’s one I went to near Siena.

The dustier the better
Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 2.36.46 PM
A wine taster's paradise

It’s true what they American’s say about Italian purses and shoes. Even the street vendors serve up some of the best pairs around.

Shoe shopping, Italian-style

In the U.S., I’ve seen many versions of hot springs. But I there’s nothing quite like Italian thermal baths. There are many varieties, in spa settings with outdoor pools and indoor glamour.

Many versions of hot spring pools...

This, too, can be yours! Spend a few minutes indulging your future, in Tuscany with me & Jen, Somat & Yoga, cobblestone & clocktowers, shoes & purses. Register for the trip…then return, humbly, to the perfection of your present moment.

This is Villa Oliva
This is Villa Oliva
How many villas in one day?

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