I’m midway through a 5-week trip through India. For the first time, I brought a Somat with me–I can get stiff, tired and cranky after 14 hours on a plane followed by 5 hours at the airport in Dubai! Turns out lots of the travelers I’m with have found comfort on the Somat. Here are some examples: Two women arrived late to the retreat because the Philadelphia airport was closed due to 3 feet of snow. After a 17-hour layover in Qatar they arrived in India exhausted and sore. One had very tight shoulders and back. She laid on the Somat under 10 minutes, took some deep breaths and stood up refreshed and relaxed.

Her traveling companion chimed in with a sore neck and sore right shoulder. After 10 minutes on the Somat, aided by a few simple arm movements, she stands up relaxed and refreshed and demonstrates a much greater range of motion. Over the course of their first day, both women put themselves on the Somat here and there for little sips of relief.

Finally, a man in our group came on this retreat hoping to find a softness in his spine. At first, he could only lay on the Somat for a couple of minutes because he was in so much discomfort. But by the third day, he began asking for the Somat with more eagerness. He had begun to feel both more aligned and more pliable. A few days later, after a bike ride that tightened his shoulders and neck, he was able to unwind for a full 10 minutes on the Somat. This happy camper is definitely going to be buying a Somat when he returns to the States!

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