SoulMat has a new name: Somat!

The name features the word “soma” – which loosely translates to “body” – and which we use to describe the body-sensation experience of being on a Somat. These days, with our eyes on our computers and ears filled with buds, we end up in our heads and often stay there. The Somat is a super simple way to get out of our heads and expand our sense of self inside the entire body. I think of the body as a resonance chamber where we can hear different aspects of ourselves: the psyche, mind, spirit and emotions. The body anchors us in the here and now. It connects us to the fullness of what we’re experiencing. The Somat invites our attention to the body and helps us integrate the myriad aspects of our being.

On the business end of things, it’s all pretty exciting. We’re manufacturing Somats locally, trying to keep up with the ever-growing demand. Soon you’ll see our new branding, logo and expansion of products. We have weekly classes taught by yours truly and other certified Somat teachers. I’m continuing to develop new Somat curriculum and workshops–you’ll see a new “Somat Yoga” workshop on the calendar for spring. We’ll also be offering our third Somat Teacher Training this spring. We’ll also be bringing Somats with us to Cuba in 2018! I’m heading there in March for reconnaissance.

As we approach the holiday season, consider giving the gift of a Somat. We’re selling gift certificates on They can be used for private sessions, some workshops or for purchasing a Somat.


See you on the Somat.

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