Last weekend I taught the first-ever Somat teacher training on U.S. soil. Talk about exhilarating! Talk about juggling many balls! 12 hours of instruction with a newly crafted curriculum and an 80-slide presentation. As usual, my blood pressure was low; it always has been. But when I checked my pulse, I couldn’t believe it. Usually in the 70-74 range–indicating being constantly keyed up, primed for anxiety & exhaustion–in the middle of teaching this workshop it was 52!!!

I felt great! No post-teaching crash, in fact no fatigue at all. Usually I need to make a concerted effort to wind down after this kind of weekend, but not this time: I took a sweet bath, climbed into bed at a reasonable time and slept like a baby. It was like my nervous system had ratcheted down several notches on the jacked-up scale.

The teachers-in-training reported feeling great, too: calm, eager, alert, aligned, excited without buzzing–I could see it in their eyes and posture, hear it in their voices. All that time on the Somat switched our nervous systems from being a slavedriver to an ally, setting us up for a positive cascade of benefits. These are the kinds of things anyone can experience from time on the Somat:

  • The heart is less taxed and doesn’t have to work as hard (do the math: 52 instead of 70 beats per minute!)
  • The immune system can focus on rebuilding & restoring instead of battling irritation & inflammation
  • Supported by the immune system, the tissues, fascia and muscles to relax & regenerate
  • New patterns & imprints from all those Somat movements absorb quickly into a relaxed–and therefore available for learning–nervous system

Module 2 of the Teacher Training is scheduled for December 12-13. Modules can be taken in any order; more are scheduled for spring. Are you a yoga or dance teacher wanting to expand your skill set with students? A chiropractor or physical therapist wanting to give clients home self-care techniques? An athletic coach or trainer keen on maximizing physical performance? Or a meditation teacher wanting to deepen calm states? Talk with me about adding the Somat Teacher Training to your repertoire.

Check out what one teacher-in-training said after Module 1.

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