What I love most about this time of year is my persimmon tree. Did you know that the stunningly orange fruits ripen on the tree IMG_4798once the leaves have fallen off? As a child in Italy, this meant nothing to me–but I found myself drawing these trees and their fruit all the time. Today, it makes me happy to look out the window and see bright orange against blue sky. It makes living here all the sweeter.

I love the flavor sweet. At this time of the year, I often feel challenged by the abundance of sugary offerings in and out of social gatherings. There’s a physiological irritating quality of sugar that I feel emotionally as grumpiness and irritability. If you want to learn more about the amazing (and unhealthy) effect of sugar on our bodies, check out this article from National Geographic–wow, that helps me choose a slice of persimmon.

When I feel the seductive pull of craving, I ask myself, What is the deeper craving here? What am I really wanting for myself? What would be deeply comforting and nourishing? I’ll get answers from different parts of myself. If I’m craving connection, my body might say, Go partner dancing! If I’m longing for emotional closeness, I may sit next a fire and have a deep, nourishing conversation with a close friend.

I find travel to be a sweet way of sustaining myself. Late in January, I’ll be heading back to India for three weeks of cultural exploration—of the land, the people and each other. We’ll luxuriate in warm-oil massages in a Ayurvedic retreat center and float in the Arabian Sea. How’s that for delicious! It’s not too late to join…but it will be soon. Here’s the India flyer and India Itinerary.

Wanting to plan ahead to the warmer, lighter days? Consider coming with me to the fabulous Feathered Pipe Ranch in Montana for Being & Extending Peace: The Yoga of Kindness, an exploration of the compassion of yoga and non-violent communication in August 2015. The ranch is offering a sweet deal until November 21: up to $200 off!

Take care, be well.


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