On the Big Island of Hawaii, the earth is constantly changing, stretching out to create new ground upon which new life will grow. What better place to create new ground for yourself by harnessing the tremendous energy that comes from such a natural transformation. Explore your own boundaries and the possibilities for your personal transformation – for moving onto and into new ground. Flow at your own pace – slowly and quietly, or rapidly and with great fanfare.

Drink in some fun, sun, meditation, yoga, and dance when you join Chiara Guerrieri, Melina Meza, and Lara McIntosh for a new dynamic collaboration – Melina’s Seasonal Vinyasa Ayurvedic insights, Chiara’s core-awakening style of yoga, and Laura’s Afro-infused Wassa Dance come together to nourish your body, lift your spirits, and shake your bootie!

Melina, Chiara and Lara each bring over 15 years of dedication to their practice and, together, they will help you free your vitality and luminosity.

Seasonal Vinyasa

Seasonal Vinyasa with Melina MezaSeasonal Vinyasa describes Melina Meza’s artistic style of sequencing asana to match the rhythm of the seasons. In this winter workshop, Melina will offer new perspectives on how to live and practice in harmony with the Kapha season, adapting dietary approaches, cleansing techniques, and lifestyle routines to be in synch with nature.

Core Focus

Chiara’s class will focus on strengthening the core of the body and manifesting vital, grounding power – that which sustains you. It is only with a strong sense of stability and security in our physical and emotional core, that we can then begin to focus on finding more opening, freedom and joy in our yoga practice, both on and off the mat.

Wassa Dance

Inspired by music specially created for her unique dance style, Lara will help you explore rhythm and spirit to unlock your movement potential and inspire the dancer in you. In this unique collaboration, Lara brings her experience as a teacher, dancer, choreographer, performer, and devotee to Afro-Infused music and culture to Kalani Oceanside Retreat.

About Kalani Oceanside Retreat

Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center is located in the district of Puna, which is on the southeast coast, surrounded by the mountains, jungle, sea and volcano — the natural elements give rise to the countless legends and myths within the Hawaiian Islands. Across the road from Kalani, dramatic lava cliffs which offer breath taking views of the sunrise, turtles, dolphins, whale watching and a short walk to the nearest black sand beach.

For More Information or to Register

For much more information about this event and/or to sign up, please visit my website.

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