Greetings from afar! I’m communing with Mother India, who speaks to my soul, who I can love or hate but never feel indifferent about.

I’m here with a group of travellers who trust my dear friend Barbra and myself — two wild women — enough to follow us and our passions to the hot, gorgeous, gigantic country. We spent a week at a NonViolent Communication convention in Kerala, nestled on the southern tip of India. The Convention this year was organized by a self governing collective of people completely based on gift economy. More about ‘gift economy’ later — it’s still a new term for me.

The convention was called Creativity and the Gift of Conflict. Think about that for a minute. How can conflict be a gift? How is creativity connected to conflict?

I’m living this gift every minute in India and feeling the struggle, surprises, ah-ha moments, upsets. Travelling with a group of others in a foreign country with intense heat and delayed buses and irrelevant technology and missed sleep — talk about conflict! But I see how creative we are all being as we face everything from beauty to tragedy on our travels.

Any two people in a conversation is a cross-cultural experience. Nonviolent communication has helped me clarify where I am speaking from and whether another is getting what I speak.

Check out some of these cross-cultural moments:

photo 1

[spacer height=”20px”]A Jesus sitting in fountain in Padmasana!!

photo (7) copy[spacer height=”20px”]A wedding with golden elephants and flames
right outside our compound!

photo (7)

[spacer height=”2

0px”]And in the mornings, I’m grateful to deliver open-air yoga to start our day.

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I’m so excited to infuse this India-influenced learning into the Yoga & NonViolent Communication spring workshop series & summer retreat I’m teaching with Kathleen Macferran once I’m back home. Happy to spread this rich and amazing partnership of practices all over the Seattle area.

More soon!

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