kwallace-head-shotI met Kathe Wallace several years ago. I was looking for answers about why my back did not seem to stay “in” for any respectable amount of time. It felt like something in my foundation was off, and I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly I was doing. No amount of my effort to understand it or fix it seemed to be helping in any significant way.

While looking for a very smart Physical Therapist I was lead to Kathe Wallace by a friend who had found her work “illuminating” and “liberating”. As I did! But not in the way I thought it would be.

I told Kathe my story: that I have a leg that is significantly shorter than the other due a broken ankle from a skiing accident at age 6. This creates a lopsidedness in my pelvis that of course continually put my back “out” instead of staying “in”. But how to keep it together?

Kathe examined my back, hips and pelvis, and found out several interesting things. With a fresh and down-to-earth  approach that I found both knowledgeable and confidence-inspiring, Kathe helped me see what was going on between my legs–where I can’t see what’s going on. Turns out the musculature of Down There has everything to do with pelvic-floorkeeping my back stable. With understanding  the geography and mechanics of the movements of the pelvic floor, a felt sense of both relaxing and engaging the area, and with some  homework to practice embodying this newly found understanding I felt more aware, more alive, more stable and more out of pain!

The experience I gathered working with Kathe got me thinking about how I could apply her concepts to yoga. During this period that I began teaching Core Focus classes. In these classes, I deliberately slow down the pace and guide participants’ attention to minute movements. These have been keys to my back stability, and I’ve seen how this close attention has had positive effects on many other bodies.

I am so pleased Kathe agreed to teach a workshop with me! This is just the kind of cross-pollination that gets me most excited both for my own learning and definitely in my teaching. Come if you can; you’ll leave feeling more stable, up and down.

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