Body-Mind Tools for Tough Times

Relax with Somat and Non-Violent Communication

In our world today, it can be easy to get triggered and become reactive. Online social and news media, along with a busy daily life, provide constant sources of information and can lead to stress in the body and the mind. That is why it is important to have tools and methods to calm the nervous system. We need to become familiar and comfortable with how it feels to be centered. Our thoughts and actions can be quite different when we are thinking and acting from this centered place. When we are centered, we act with compassion and choice. We engage with our community from a place of a connection.

In this workshop, you’ll experience a combination of two tools that help you connect to this centered state: The Somat, and NVC (Nonviolent Communication). These tools will help you communicate with yourself, and the world around you, from a grounded and centered place. During the workshop, you will breathe and do simple movements on the Somat. You will also build communication skills through practicing NVC. Then we will weave these techniques together to connect with your centered self and others – both on and off the mat.

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