Somat Classes

Somat for Relaxation & Rejuvenation

Monthly | Drop-ins welcome | Mats provided

In these monthly workshops, you will use a Somat ­­­­– a specially designed “mat” that follows the length of your spine — to experience a slowing down and a more vivid connection with your body and breath. Somat workshops are gentle, meditative and profound. They’ll benefit people seeking more ease in their back, neck, shoulders and hips as well as a clearer focus and calmer mind.

Open to all levels, these workshops are a good option for practitioners looking to slow down their practice and find a peaceful meditative state. Students are welcome to bring their own Somat (available for purchase at the Phinney Ridge 8 Limbs location) or use one provided by the instructor.
There are no upcoming events.

Sound Bath on Somat

Periodic | On-request | Mats provided

Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Exhausted?

Sound Bath on Somat combines the healing effects of the Somat and the soothing sounds of Sound Bath, offering you a deeply rejuvenating hour, similar to a massage for your nervous system.

Using the vibrational qualities of sound, Megan Costello Sloan will use crystal singing bowls to help release energy that is no longer needed, and move you into a deeper state of healing and relaxation. Chiara Guerrieri will introduce the Somat, a specially designed self-care tool crafted in Italy and finding its way to the U.S. The Somat promotes alignment and relieves deeply-held stress, as the spine decompresses, the mind slows down, and your nervous system settles.

Join us for this restorative experience that combines two innovative techniques, guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

There are no upcoming events.

Sleep Easy on Somat

Periodic | On-request | Mats provided

Having trouble sleeping?

Drape yourself over a Somat and quickly experience a state of calmness, relaxation and body ease like nothing else. In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to the mat itself, as well as the associated movements, breath-work and meditations designed to help shift your nervous system into a regenerative state that promotes sleep. Slow, organic sequences focus on the spine and the rhythm of the breath, gearing all aspects of yourself for deep relaxation and sleep.

Like flossing your spine, working on the Somat can become a daily part of whatever practice you choose. Once in touch with your own body – in particular the spine and the rhythm of the breath –you’ll land in a sensory experience that strays from the physical into the psychological and emotional. In this state, you’ll enhance the regenerative mechanisms of your body, become attuned to your body’s messages and find increased freedom and ease in your movement. All physical abilities welcome.

There are no upcoming events.


Chiara Guerrieri

Chiara Guerrieri is the first certified Somat teacher outside of Italy. First introduced to the Somat in 2012, Chiara brings a deep understanding of the Somat tool and technique to her classes, workshops and teacher trainings. Her ability to creating relevant sequencing and convey concepts clearly is fortified by her decades as a bodyworker and instructor of yoga teachers, anatomy & physiology, and non-violent communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Somat

What happens in a Somat workshop?
Workshops start with breath and movement sequences on a Somat. By bringing the focus inward and connecting with the body and breath, we begin bridging the various layers of our being. Then the workshop continues around a topic: neck mobility, clearing your mind, spinal alignment, etc. You’ll leave feeling calm, full of sensory awareness and at ease in your body.
Who should come to a Somat workshop?
Anyone who can lie down on a Somat is welcome at class! No prior experience with movement or meditation is necessary, although dancers, athletes, yoginis and the like will find their pursuits enhanced and practices deepened.
Is registration necessary?
Preregistration is encouraged but not required. Knowing who and how many are coming helps Chiara design the flow of the workshop.
What is appropriate to wear?
Any comfortable clothing in which you can easily move your arms and legs is fine. Somat workshops are slow-moving and meditative; you won’t be working up a sweat.
What are the benefits?
Designed for people who wish for more ease of movement in their back, neck, shoulders, and hips, working on the Somat also improves participants’ self-connection and level of relaxation in both mind and body. You can expect to experience the full range of benefits of an aligned spine, calmed nervous system, relaxed muscles and integrated mind and body.

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