January 24 - February 1, 2019

Dance, music, culture, nature, yoga, and more…



If ever there is a place that provides the perfect balance between relaxation and excitement, it’s Cuba. And we’re off there next January/February to explore this vibrant country and its hip, one-of-a-kind culture. Join us and experience all that Cuba has to offer in the way of dance, music, history, nature, and people!

Offering daily yoga practice – “everyday yoga,” the kind that keeps you lubricated and flexible in your body and mind, and in your responses to the world. Mindfulness meditation practice in the morning and some smattering of non-violent communication (NVC) skills to have a more clear and connected experience of life as we travel together.

Two tour options are available:

  • Varadero, Matanzas, Havana, and Viñales (Jan 24 – Feb 1)
  • Havana and Viñales only (Jan 26 – Feb 1).
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1. Varadero Prelude (January 24-26, 2019)

Prelude Day 1 (Varadero): Arrive at Varadero. We will be staying close to the beach with crystal blue waters and silky sand. Enjoy afternoon sunset yoga by the sea followed by a dinner reception.

Prelude Day 2 (Varadero): Following a delicious breakfast, experience community yoga in a nearby town that’s off the beaten tourist track. Lunch will be provided. In the afternoon, experience a rumba demonstration and join a dance and percussion class. Evening dinner is provided.

Prelude Day 3 (Matanzas and Havana): Following breakfast and morning yoga, we will head to Havana with a stop in Matanzas for a performance of Afro-Cuban folkloric dance with live music, dancing, and drumming for the Orishas. Learn more about this traditional form via a question and answer session with the group’s director. We will arrive in Havana lunch and, if time permits, a visit to the African Diaspora Museum. We will check into our Havana accommodations and meet any tour group members starting the tour on this day.

2. Havana (January 26-29, 2019)

Day 1: Arrive in Havana and check into our accommodations – beautiful private inns near the seawall. Those of you that participated in the Varadero Prelude will arrive around lunch. Those of you starting the tour here in Havana may arrive at your leisure. Enjoy sunset yoga on the rooftop of our accommodations, followed by a dinner reception at a farm-to-table restaurant with live music. *Optional activity: Salsa dancing at a beautiful outdoor venue next to the water.

Day 2: After a leisurely breakfast, treat yourself to a yoga class taught by Eduardo Pimentel, the “Godfather of yoga in Cuba” and President of the Cuban Yoga Association, at his new studio in Havana. Enjoy a delicious lunch followed by a walk through Callejon de Hamel. Aside from its funky street murals and psychedelic art shops, the main reason to come to Havana’s high temple of Afro-Cuban culture is the frenetic rumba music that kicks off every Sunday at around noon. You are on your own for dinner on this day, and we are happy to provide recommendations. *Optional activities: Gathering on the terrace of our accommodations overlooking the ocean or visiting an artist collective warehouse that features a performance space and gallery.

Day 3: We will have breakfast in Old Havana followed by yoga in a covered outdoor performance theater space in Old Havana. Take a salsa and rumba dance class before enjoying lunch and a walking tour of Old Havana’s world heritage sites. We will enjoy a relaxing dinner together. *Optional activity: Head out and hear some of Cuba’s famous jazz music after dinner.

Day 4: After rooftop yoga and breakfast, we will visit a community art project in Mirimar. Enjoy a delicious lunch followed by an Afro-Cuban dance class in the afternoon. Dinner is provided, then dance the evening away with big-band salsa at a venue in Mirimar before heading back to our rooms for a good night’s sleep.

Day 5: After breakfast we will travel to Viñales for the final leg of our tour. We will stop for lunch along the way (not included in fee).

3. Viñales (January 30 – February 1, 2019)

Day 5: Arrive in Viñales, an area of Cuba famous for its rich soil, tobacco production, and spectacular scenery. We will stop for lunch along the way, then check into our accommodations in adjacent houses with beautiful natural views of the surrounding farms. Relax with an afternoon yoga session followed by dinner and live music and dancing in the center of town.

Day 6: Start the day with a sunrise hike with a local guide up a nearby mountain and drink a traditional cup of coffee as you watch the sun break. Remember to bring your camera for amazing photography opportunities as you ponder the gorgeous views of the valley below. Upon returning to town, we will have a well-deserved breakfast. Then we will head out to the tobacco fields and a tour of a coffee planation with lunch included. Later in the early evening, enjoy subset yoga followed by a dinner reception.

Day 7: Our last day in Viñales and the last day of the tour. We will start with yoga and breakfast, then check out and begin our return trip to Havana.

Your Concierges: Barbra Esher and Chiara Guerrieri




  • Coordination of all listed activities
  • All lodging
  • Admission to all museums and public buildings listed in the itinerary
  • Concierge services for all activities provided by Chiara and Barbra
  • Local ground transportation for listed activities, including airport transfers
  • Meals specifically listed in the itinerary
  • Pre-trip departure information
  • Compliance with U.S. Treasury Department regulations
  • Speaker fees
  • $75 donation to Las Aguas Fund and the work they do to support sustainability in Cuban yoga communities
  • Airport transfer for arrival in Varadero and for departure in Havana

Not included

  • Round trip airfare: Do not book your flight(s) until we have confirmed your registration.
  • All other airport transfers (typical transfer fee is about $25 CUC)
  • Cuban visa: Purchase a visa easily from your airline for about $50 USD
  • Airline baggage fees
  • Meals not specifically listed in the itinerary (a typical meal without alcohol is about 10-15 CUC – or about $10-15)
  • Individual lodging expenses (mini bar, room service, laundry fees, etc.)
  • Tips for local guides and drivers: Recommended tip is $18 per person for the Varadero Prelude and $50 per person for the Havana and Viñales segments
  • Alcohol (reasonably inexpensive)
  • Optional activities (as denoted by an asterisk (*)): We will coordinate transportation for the optional activities which are typically $10 Cuban dollars (CUC) or less per person round trip for evening events. Entrance fees range from $10-20 CUC for live music. The artist collective is $2 CUC. The official exchange rate is about $87 CUC per $100 USD, which means you lose 13% when exchanging dollars.


Payment can be made with a check, cashier’s check, or money order. Credit cards are also accepted and can be paid through Square via an electronic invoice. (No Square account is required to pay.) Checks must be made payable to Inner Outer Travel and mailed to:

Inner Outer Travel
450 Carvel Beach Road
Baltimore, MD 21226


All sales are final. In some instances, time permitting, a registered traveler may find a replacement for a $350 processing fee.

Passport and Visa

All travelers are required to carry a valid U.S. passport and a Cuban visa. Visas are available through the airlines for $50-100. Important: Those without a valid U.S. passport will not be allowed to enter Cuba. Passports must be U.S. issued. Foreign passports are allowed only in conjunction with a valid U.S. Resident Alien card (“green card”) or valid U.S. visa. Chiara Yoga and Inner Outer Travel are not responsible for lost or stolen passports in Cuba.

Responsibility Statement

Chiara Yoga and Inner Outer Travel serve only to assist in making necessary travel arrangements for its participating members, and in no way represents, or acts as agent for, transportation carriers, hotels, and other suppliers of services connected with this tour. Therefore neither Chiara Yoga or Inner Outer Travel are liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, or other irregularity which may be caused by the defect of any vehicle or the negligence or default of any company or person engaged in performing any of the services involved. Additional, responsibility is not accepted for losses  or expenses due to sickness, weather, strike, hostilities, wars, natural disasters, or other such causes. All services and accommodations are subject to the laws of the country in which they are provided. Chiara Yoga and Inner Outer Travel do not accept liability for any airline cancellation or delay incurred by the purchase of an airline ticket. Baggage and personal affects are the sole responsibility of the owner at all times. Chiara Yoga and Inner Outer Travel reserve the right to make changes in the published itinerary whenever, in its sole judgment, conditions so warrant, or if they deem it necessary for the comfort, convenience, or safety of the tour participants.

Chiara Yoga and Inner Outer Travel also reserve the right to decline to accept any person as a participant in the tour, or to require any participant to withdraw from the tour at any time, when such an action is determined to by an appropriate staff representative to be in the best interests of the health, safety, and general welfare of the tour group, or of the individual participant.

There is a moderate level of physical activity involved in the tour, and the tour may require participants to walk long distances and climb stairs. The participant accept any risks thereof and the conditions set forth therein, and agree to release and hold harmless Chiara Yoga and Inner Outer Travel and any of their officers or representatives from any and all liability for delays, injuries, or death, or for the loss of or damage to a participant’s property however occurring during any portion of the tour.

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