Find a balance of expansive travel and relaxing reflection on a journey featuring daily yoga, meditation, community, and healing. Our exploration of Bali balances the excitement of foreign travel, compelling terrain, and cultural sharing with the deepening that comes with intentional relaxation and inner reflection.

This is an intimate tour that is limited to 8 participants or less!

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Bali 2018 Transformative Journey

Bali 2017 Transformative Journey Itinerary and Highlights

Tour Segments

1. Sembiran (May 27-30, 2018)

Fly into Bali (Kuta/Denpasar) by 5/27/2018 before noon (or the night before). We will drive to Sembiran, an area of distinct historical significance to Bali. When we arrive, we will learn how to make the temple decorations Bali is famous for. We will then have a welcome ceremony at the local temple, allowing and offering our intentions to be carried and held in spirit, and receiving blessings for a profound and safe inner/outer journey.

Lounge by one of the three pools or go snorkeling right off the beach. Take a traditional boat and enjoy the Bali sunrise with the dolphins. Explore the village and discover local customs and traditions, including salt making, hand-weaving, indigo dyeing, and the Balinese way of life. Go on a jungle trek to a secret waterfall – the biggest in Bali, yet virtually unknown. We will be staying 3 nights here.

2. Kintamani (May 30-June 1, 2018)

From Sembiran, we make our way to the center of Bali, and to the Mount Batur caldera. Before we arrive, we stop at Penulisan Temple on the way, walking up one hundred steps to the top for a fantastic view. This is the oldest and highest temple in Bali, with ancient, pre-Majapahit relics on view at the top.

After, we will visit the villages of Penelokan and Kintamani, which sit at the rim of the caldera about 1,500m above sea level. You will experience dramatic views of the active volcano and serene Lake Batur from our accommodations. We will visit Pura Ulun Danu Batur, one of Bali’s nine key directional temples. We will also visit Toyo Bungkah village down at the lake edge and soak in the hot springs. You can take an optional boat trip across the lake to the Bali Aga village of Trunyan, famous for not burying their dead. Weather permitting, we will take a hike up to the top of Mount Batur in time to see the sun begin peeking through the sky. It is absolutely breathtaking!

3. Tabanan (June 1-5, 2018)

From Batur, we will journey west, to the southern slopes of Mount Batukaru. Here in the central Bali mountains, the rice paddies meet the jungle, and you can still see the ocean. Enjoy Balinese village culture, cascading waterfalls, and spectacular vistas. We will be staying for 4 nights here.

During the day, wander through rice fields and mountain forests, or frolic under our own private waterfall and swim in the mountain stream. While we are here, we will be led on a local hike through rice paddies, jungle, streams, and small local villages. One morning, we leave early to watch and hold newly hatched butterflies. Afterwards, we will visit the misty, moss-covered Pura Batukaru, known as one of the most important temples in Bali.

4. Ubud (June 5-9, 2018)

From Tabanan, we travel to Ubud, the vivacious center of Bali’s arts scene. Galleries, museums, and shopping abound, as well as amazing restaurants right near where we will be staying. We will be at a retreat center in the middle of town, a tranquil oasis reflecting the true nature and yoga spirit that lies in the heart of Bali. We take you to the Monkey Forest Sanctuary, known for the most photogenic and bold monkeys in the world. Hold tightly to your cameras!

You will be treated to a cooking class that starts early in the Ubud markets, where you can pick from fresh herbs and spices, crisp vegetables, and choice cuts of meat, before heading off on guided padi expeditions. Upon your return to Laplapan village, you will be warmly welcomed and expertly guided by your host, Puspa, who will help you to discover how to create your very own delicious and authentic Balinese dishes. The shopping is the best in Bali, so we can load up and go directly to the airport rather than have to carry all our souvenirs and gifts with us traveling.

5. Gili Meno (June 9-13, 2018)

(Optional trip extension)

Don’t want to leave paradise yet? Stay for a while longer to visit Gili Meno on this optional trip extension.

Set in the middle of the three Gili islets lies a real deserted island experience with some of the best beaches to be found. Our resort is a five minute walk to the sunset beach! Only two kilometers long and one wide, Gili Meno is the smallest of the three islands and by far the most peaceful and underdeveloped. It’s possible to walk around the island along the beach or paths of Gili Meno in under two hours. Lazing around in a hammock, reading books, and playing chess with the friendly locals also ranks very highly on the daily Meno agenda.

For divers and snorkelers, the island boasts the infamous Gili Meno Wall, where during the day turtles freely swim by and giant gorgonian sea fans hang amongst the colorful corals. At night divers can witness huge moray eels and the entertaining Spanish dancers, baby cuttlefish, and a whole array of crustaceans. The Turtle Sanctuary plays an important role in protecting and hatching baby turtles for release into the Gili waters. The Gili Meno Bird Park hosts over three hundred birds in a natural, free environment. Peafowls, pheasants, hornbills, eagles, pelicans, macaws, and parrots galore are amongst the feathered citizens and ambassadors gathered from all over the world. If you get tired of lazing around Gili Meno, it is easy to take a short boat ride to either of the other two Gili Islands.

About Your Guides

Barbra Esher

Barbra Esher

Yogi and Tour Guide

Barbra brings years of experience living and traveling in Asia, and she speaks both Indonesian and Japanese. She is a certified trainer in Non-Violent Communication (NVC), a meditation practitioner and teacher, and ordained in Thich Nhat Hahn’s Order of Interbeing.

Chiara Guerrieri

Chiara Guerrieri

Yogi and Tour Guide

Chiara has over 30 years of experience teaching yoga, meditation, anatomy and physiology, and numerous mind/body techniques. A native of Italy, Chiara has studied and taught in over 15 countries around the world.

Detailed Itinerary

May 27-30, 2018: Sembiran, Bali

  • May 27: Arrive Denpasar International Airport (DPS) – also known as Ngurah Rai International Airport (NRIA) – before noon (or arrive night before)
  • May 27: Drive to Sembiran via Ubud
  • May 27: Temple decorations and welcome ceremony
  • May 28: Hike to sacred waterfall
  • May 29: Optional tour of fishing village, salt farm, and women’s collective weaving and dyeing cooperative
  • May 30: Drive to Kintamani
 Included in Price
  • Transportation from the airport to Sembiran
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • Transportation to Kintamani
  • Clean drinking water for your refillable water containers
Not Included in Price
  • Lodging near airport on May 26 (if arriving the day before) – can recommend where to stay
  • Optional tours
  • Tips for restaurant, hotel, and driver

 May 30 – June 1, 2018: Kintimani, Bali

  • May 30: En route to Kintamani, stop at Penulisan Temple, the oldest and highest temple in Bali, walking up 100 steps to the top for a fantastic view and ancient relics
  • May 30: Arrive Kintamani
  • May 30: Lunch at Pulu Mujung Warung, Sari Organik’s sister restaurant
  • May 30: Hotel check in at the edge of the Batur caldera
  • May 30: Choice of Pura Ulun Danu Batur temple or Galungan festivities with Barbra’s Balinese family
  • May 30: Yoga with a view on the grass in front of our hotel
  • May 30: Dinner on your own, available at the hotel
  • May 31: After breakfast, morning yoga at lakeside temple
  • May 31: Batur Hot Springs with optional massage and lakeside lunch
  • May 31: Optional boat ride across the lake to Trunyan Cemetery where they don’t bury their dead (in deciding to go or not, consider your comfort level with seeing human bones lying about)
  • May 31: Early evening at the hotel to rest up for a very early morning hike
  • June 1: Hike to Batur summit for sunrise (weather permitting)
  • June 1: Return to hotel for showers, packing, and early lunch (11am)
  • June 1: Depart for Tabanan
Included in Price
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast, and lunch on departure day
  • Guides for sunrise volcano trek (1 guide for each 4 people)
  • Transportation throughout Kintamani and Lake Batur area
  • Entrance to Penulisan Temple
  • Entrance to Batur Hot Springs
  • Transportation to Tabanan
  • Clean drinking water for your refillable water containers
Not Included in Price
  • 2 lunches and dinners
  • Boat trip to Trunyan
  • Massages at Batur Hot Springs
  • Tips for restaurant, hotel, and driver

 June 1-5, 2018: Tabanan, Bali

  • June 1: En route to Tabanan, we stop at Sekardi Village for a tour of Luwak Civet Coffee, a gourmet coffee plantation. We stop for rice terrace viewing and leg stretching along the way.
  • June 2: Guided walk (about 2.5 hours)
  • June 3: Depart at 8am for Taman Kupu Kupu, butterfly sanctuary, and Batukaru Temple
  • June 4: Optional trip to see the sunset and festivities at Tanah Lot
  • June 5: Depart for Ubud
 Included in Price
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • All meals included
  • Entrance to Taman Kupu Kupu
  • Entrance to Luwak Civet Coffee Plantation and free tastings
  • Clean drinking water for your refillable water containers
Not Included in Price
  • Optional trip to Tanah Lot
  • Tips for restaurant, hotel, and driver

 June 5-9, 2018: Ubud, Bali

  • June 5: Arrive in Ubud
  • June 6: Monkey Forest Sanctuary
  • June 7: Balinese Cooking Class
  • June 8: Tjampuhan trail (Campuhan) ridge walk
  • June 8: Farewell dinner with group at Moksa
  • June 9: Depart for Denpasar International Airport (DPS) and trip home, or stay for Gili Meno trip extension
 Included in Price
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast
  • One lunch and one dinner
  • Cooking class
  • Entrance to Monkey Forest Park
  • Guided hike along Tjamuhan Ridge and rice paddies trail
  • Transportation to Denpasar International Airport (DPS) or to Gili Meno if staying for optional trip extension
  • Clean drinking water for your refillable water container
Not Included in Price
  • 3 dinners and 3 lunches
  • Tips for restaurant, hotel, and driver

June 9-13, 2018: Gili Meno, Bali

(Bali and Gili option only)

  • June 9: Arrive Gili Meno in the afternoon; short walk to resort with our luggage or optional horse cart ride
  • June 9-13: Daily yoga and meditation; open unscheduled time for:
    • Relaxing
    • Snorkeling and diving
    • Visit to turtle sanctuary
    • Horseback riding
    • Walking around the island
    • Hammock reading
  • June 13: Boat from Gili Meno to Bali; minibus to airport
Included in Price
  • Daily breakfast, dinner, and afternoon snack
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • 4 nights accommodations
  • Transportation to and from Gilis Meno
  • Clean drinking water for your refillable water containers
Not Included in Price
  • Lunches
  • Any activity fees
  • Tips for restaurant, hotel, and driver

Registration Information

Additional Information

  • Airfare is not included in the price.
  • Advance tourist visas are not required for U.S. citizens visiting Bali.
  • All lodging based on per person double occupancy. If you don’t have the perfect friend or family member to go with, we will help find someone for you. Single room option available for an additional fee of $500.
  • Pay by check for the entire trip and receive a $100 discount
  • If paying by check, please make your check payable to Inner/Outer Travel and mail to:

Barbra Esher
450 Carvel Beach Rd
Baltimore, MD 21226

When Your Registration Is Confirmed and You’re Ready to Book Your Flights

While trip participants are responsible for booking their own flights, Barbra and Chiara are available to advise and consult. Participants from the same region generally choose to travel on the same flights, but this is not a requirement. If you’d like to coordinate with others, Chiara and Barbra are at your service to help facilitate.

If you are doing the full tour (Bali and Gili Meno), the recommended flight segments are as follows:

  • 5/27/2018: Home to Bali Ngurah Rai/Denpasar International Airport (DPS) to arrive DPS before noon (12:00PM) on 5/27/2018
  • 6/13/2018:Ngurah Rai/Denpasar International Airport (DPS) to home

If you are doing the short tour (no Gili Meno segment), the recommended flight segments are as follows:

  • 5/27/2018: Home to Bali Ngurah Rai/Denpasar International Airport (DPS) toarrive DPS before noon (12:00PM) on 5/27/2018
  • 6/9/2018:Ngurah Rai/Denpasar International Airport (DPS) to home

Keep in mind that airfare can change depending on how you configure your flight segments. Make sure to search for flights leaving about 2 days before you want to arrive due to the time change and combined flights that are typically over 24 hours. Barbra and Chiara are available to help.

Here are some sample airfares we found when searching Expedia and HipMunk:

  • RT Baltimore (BDI), Portland (PDX) or Seattle (SEA) to Bali: from $1,200
  • RT San Francisco (SFO) to Bali: from $750

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