Joani, Chiara & their friend with the really liberated shoulders

Most of us have experienced “unliberated” shoulders: the feeling of them being stuck or immovable, a feeling of heaviness, slumping forward, tension, tightness, aches and pains. So many of us have difficulty maintain good posture. Is the phrase, “Pull your shoulders back!” familiar to you?

In this workshop, we will focus on creating fullness and alignment of the thorax and rib cage in order to provide support that the shoulder girdle craves and requires to be liberated! We will explore the role breath plays and experience the integrated movements from Ground Reaction Force. We will learn how the bones of the scapula, clavicle and arm move during asanas, and use images to experience natural bone rhythms. Images will also be part of our exploration of movements that help to unravel body-holding patterns.

Co-taught by Chiara Guerrieri and Joani Gelinas, Chiara will set a framework of anatomical & physiological awareness, by connecting with the body through the breath, tracking physical sensation moment to moment and finding an internal sense that guides movement. Joani will use postural pattern principals/exploration, imagery, and movement experiences and re-education in a unique combination of Physical Therapy, Aston Patterning and the Franklin Method.

About Joani Gelinas:

Joani Gelinas has worked steadily for the past 41 years to perfect both the art and science of her physical therapy practice. After initial training in traditional physical therapy training and techniques, Joani met and trained with movement expert Judith Aston, becoming an Aston Patterning faculty member. Later, she became certified in the Franklin Method, studying personally with Eric Franklin. Joani is known for her clear, personal and accessible teaching. Her work as a practitioner deeply honors the journey of unraveling the history in our body’s holding patterns.

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