Somat Teacher Training

How Somat Teacher Training Works

Classroom time is divided into two modules. You can take the modules in any order, at any time during the year. Participation in both modules is required for certification. More modules will be added to offer teachers opportunities for continuing education.

The price is $190 for a single module, or $360 for both modules.


Become a Somat Pioneer

Join the Somat movement right at its inception! This year brings the first ever Somat Teacher Training outside of Italy. You can be part of the groundbreakers, spreading the wisdom of the Somat throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Participants in Somat Teacher Training will receive in depth instruction leading to a Somat Teaching Certificate. Trainees work together in an experiential setting, using the skills they gain to observe, train and support each other as teachers. Between modules, trainees participate as students in a weekly Somat class, eventually assisting the instructor. Each will produce a written paper on how Somat can be applied to their own type of clients or area of research.

Once certified, Somat teachers can offer one-on-one therapeutic sessions, group classes or simply incorporate the use of Somat into their line of work. Several levels of affiliates are offered, allowing teachers to become official distributors of Somat products.

Who Should Become a Somat Teacher

The training is aimed primarily at all those professionals working in fields involving bodywork, movement or meditation, including but not limited to:

  • Yoga, dance, pilates, Feldenkrais, Gryotonics teachers
  • Meditation, tai-chi or qigong instructors
  • Somatic or mindfulness therapists
  • Osteopaths, chiropractors, physical therapists & other practitioners
  • Personal & fitness trainers, coaches, etc.

While familiarity with the Somat is highly encouraged for participation in a Teacher Training, it is not required.

CEUs Available

Established practitioners in a variety of fields can earn 10 continue education credits per Somat Teacher Training module. If you don’t see your field on the list below, ask Chiara as we are continually adding entries.

  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Yoga teachers
  • Massage practitioners

Training Requirements

Trainees who complete the following requirements will earn a Somat Teacher Certificate and also gain access to discount teacher pricing for Somat sales.

  • Completion of Module 1 & 2 (taken in any order)
  • Participation (as a student) in a minimum of 4 Somat classes
  • 2 hours practicum in either group classes or private sessions (to be arranged with the instructor)
  • Written project on relevant Somat topic

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