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India 2016 Transformative Journey

Our full India 2016 Transformative Journey runs from January 19, 2016 through February 7, 2016. A shorter option is also available starting January 25, 2016 in Ft. Kochi.

Featured Posts

Kerala Backwaters: One of National Geographic Traveler’s “Places of a Lifetime”

Alleppey is graceful and greenery-fringed, disappearing into a watery world of villages, punted canoes, toddy shops and, of course, houseboats. Float along and gaze over paddy fields of succulent green, curvaceous rice barges and village life along the banks, as you take in one of Kerala’s most mesmerisingly beautiful and relaxing experiences.

Kerala: God’s Own Country

While Maldives gives us mostly relaxation, Fort Kochi will provide a bit of an urban experience, but one steeped in history. Relax, breathe deep, and step out in soft cotton shoes and a straw hat. At each and every nook of this island, something amusing awaits you. Fort Kochi is a world of its own, retaining architectural and cultural specimens of a bygone era, and still proud to wear them all.

Group Yoga Classes

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9:30am – 10:45am

8 Limbs Wedgwood


9:45am – 11:00am

8 Limbs Phinney Ridge


5:45pm – 7:00pm

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12:00pm – 1:00pm

8 Limbs Phinney Ridge

Chiara’s Approach

Chiara teaches you to focus on the core – the deepest musculature of the body’s center – and the breath. A stabilized core better supports our joints and helps to relax the outer layers – so often tense and rigid – and the breath, which clarifies and enlivens our experience in the body. By cultivating awareness in this way, you will connect to a deeper place within yourself, resulting in strength and grace. Chiara’s classes are readily accessible to anyone with a basic background in yoga, and an interest in strengthening the core.

Group SoulMat Classes

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Introducing the SoulMat

After a session with a massage therapist, chiropractor or body worker, most of us walk away feeling more aligned, relaxed, and open. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have that attention and its result everyday? Even better, what if we reached that state of serenity in as little as ten minutes?

Yoga Teacher Training and Certification

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About Yoga Instruction

Chiara has shared her expertise in yoga, anatomy, physiology and communication through yoga teacher trainings and other advanced teachings since 2001. Passionate about the material and the instruction, Chiara is available to teach in the Seattle area, around the U.S. or worldwide.

Finding a yoga class is easy; Finding inspiration is hard. Chiara’s personable and honest approach to yoga makes me feel welcome and warm each time I come to her class. The work is yours, but Chiara is always there to guide and share her wisdom.



Any time I take a yoga class with Chiara I am inspired by her knowledge teaching this ancient science to connect body mind and soul, but most of all I love Chiara’s sense of humor during in class to help us loosen up and stay focused at the same time.



Chiara teaches Yoga poses with joy and precision but she is always mindful to remind her students of the larger spiritual dimension of the practice.



“To me, the body is the spirit in flesh.  I know what it’s like to not feel at home in my body, how this sense of separation can affect my perspective on moment-to-moment experience. I find it helpful to practice and teach in a way that trains up my quality of attention. This practice helps me recognize and befriend the places that feel disconnected, and remember and trust the wholeness that is in myself and in everyone else.”

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